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2022-2023 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work, B.A.S.W. Sociology B.S. UMES Dual-Degree Program

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Advisement for the major is available from the School of Social Work .

Dual-Degree Program Policies

Salisbury University and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore have established a dual-degree program through which UMES students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (B.A.S.W.) from SU and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in sociology from UMES.

The program, which can be completed in 120 hours, is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education through SU. The program prepares graduates for entry-level professional social work positions, state licensure and graduate education. The program is made possible through the cooperative efforts of the institutions in sharing resources to expand the opportunities for students on both campuses.

UMES students in this program will complete registration for Salisbury courses by submitting an inter-institutional enrollment form available from their advisor or the Registrar’s Office.

Admission to Social Work Program

Students must apply for admission to the B.A.S.W. Program during their junior year. Prior to enrolling in upperlevel social work courses students must:

Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 45 hours with an overall grade point average of 2.50 or better, including transfer credit. The 45 credits must include the courses with grades of C or better:

Complete an application for formal admission to the social work program, which includes personal statements.

Have an academic plan showing how the student can enter field instruction the following fall semester.

Pending Legal Action and Conviction Statement

Persons who indicate on the application to the major that they have pending legal action or convictions will be asked to supply documentation on the nature of the offense(s) and the disposition. Individuals admitted to the program who are facing pending legal action or convictions may have restrictions placed on the area of study and field placements they may pursue. In addition, some field placement agencies require a criminal background check.

Applicants are also advised that the Professional Standards Committee of the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners may refuse to issue a license or certificate of registration to any person who has been convicted of any crime in this or any other state. Applicants may be denied admission, or if enrolled, terminated from the program if they have not been truthful or provided inaccurate information in the application.

Admission to Field Instruction

Students are expected to complete a two semester/term field instruction internship in the same social service agency. Prior to entering the field instruction, students must:

  • Complete the written application for internship.

  • Complete the minimum of 75 hours, including at least six hours of social work practice courses.

  • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.50 overall, including transfer credits, and 2.70 in the academic major courses.

  • Interns are responsible for their own transportation related to their field internship.

Life Experience Statement

No credit will be given for work or life experience.


This checklist is an unofficial tool for planning. Matriculated students and advisors should consult the Academic Requirements Report in GullNet before and after registering for classes each semester to track academic progress.

UMES General Education Requirements

Curriculum Area I (9 Hours)

  • ENGL 203 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • (ARTS 101, MUSI 100, HIST 100/200-level 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • (Foreign Language I) 3 Hour(s) Credit

Curriculum Area II (6 Hours)

  • HIST 100/200-level 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • PSYC 200 3 Hour(s) Credit

Curriculum Area III (7 Hours)

  • BIOL 101 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • BIOL 103 1 Hour(s) Credit (lab)

  • ENVS 101 3 Hour(s) Credit

  • ANPT 114 3 Hour(s) Credit

Curriculum Area IV (3 Hours)

  • MATH 102 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • MATH101 3 Hour(s) Credit  (does not count toward graduation)

Curriculum Area V (9 Hours)

  • ENGL 101 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • ENGL102 3 Hour(s) Credit

  • ENGL 305 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • OR
  • ENGL 310 3 Hour(s) Credit

Curriculum Area VI (7 Hours)

  • SOCI 100 - First Year Orientation 1 Hour(s) Credit

  • BUAD 212 3 Hour(s) Credit

  • Elective 3 Hour(s) Credit

  • EXSC 111 3 Hour(s) Credit

  • Elective 3 Hour(s) Credit 

Major Requirements

• No social work course may be repeated more than once.

Sociology Required Courses (22 Hours)

  • SOCI 101 - Introduction to Sociology 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI 221 - Research 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI 222 - Statistics 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI 223 - SPSS Use in Social Science 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI 231 - Theory I 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI 232 - Theory II 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI 303 - Inequality 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI 431  - Seminar 3 Hour(s) Credit

Sociology Electives (12 Hours)

Complete 4 Courses, with 3 at the 300/400 Level:

  • SOCI 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI (300/400 level) 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI (300/400 level) 3 Hour(s) Credit
  • SOCI (300/400 level) 3 Hour(s) Credit

Social and Behavioral Science Support Course (3 Hours)

  • (SOCI, SOWK, HIST, POLI, ECON, CRJS, HUEC, PSYC) 3 Hour(s) Credit

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