Aug 04, 2021  
2021-2022 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

ELED 320 - Teaching Diverse Learners

4 Hour(s) Credit
Introduces core concepts and contemporary perspectives in the field of special education. Explores important topics that include the history of special education, current legislation, personnel and procedures, collaboration with parents/guardians and service providers, and needs of diverse learners, including English Language Learners and those who are gifted and talented. Identifies, applies and critiques effective research-based instructional approaches to teaching learners who have different needs. Incorporates realities of inclusive practices and provides opportunities for candidates to triangulate and reflectively apply course content through clinical experiences. Emphasizes the development of a professional disposition that values human differences. Includes clinical experiences.
Three hours per week with enhancement.
Prerequisites Admission to Professional Teacher Education Program.
Major Prerequisites Early Childhood and Dual Certification: ECED 352 , ELED 305 /ELED 202 , ELED 317 , ELED 397 . Elementary: ELED 302 , ELED 305 /ELED 202 , ELED 317 , ELED 397 .