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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, B.A. Music Technology Concentration

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Advisement for the major is available from the Music, Theatre and Dance  Department

Music, B.A. Music Technology Concentration Curriculum Guide  (Suggested 4-Year Plan of Study)

All students who wish to be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in music program must successfully pass a music audition and take a theory advisory test. While some students may wish to complete these admission requirements prior to enrollment at Salisbury University and immediately be admitted into the music program, other students may choose to begin as pre-music majors while preparing to complete their admission requirements sometime during their first year of applied study at Salisbury University. Admission and audition guidelines and procedures are available from the Music, Theatre and Dance Department. The music program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

The Bachelor of Arts in music program is designed for students who wish to combine the study of music with other interests in a vibrant liberal arts environment. The program provides an extraordinarily broad range of study options, so that students enjoy the flexibility to pursue varied interests. In order that career choices are expanded and not limited, the degree program is divided into a menu of diverse study tracks.

Within the Bachelor of Arts in music program, students may pursue tracks/concentrations in teacher certification, vocal or instrumental performance, music technology, or a traditional (“general”) Bachelor of Arts in music curriculum. While all five tracks/concentrations are constructed to enable students to pursue graduate study, if desired, the immediate goals of the tracks/concentrations differ according to the varied needs of the student population they serve.

All students (including transfer students) enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in music programs must:

  • Complete all music courses with grades of C or better

  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA in their music major courses.

  • Demonstrate 102-level proficiency in a foreign language.

Transfer students must perform all recitals required for the degree program at SU and pass the piano proficiency exam.

Music Technology Concentration Information

This concentration is designed to give students a basic foundation in music production in order to prepare them for a career within the music technology industry. This is a professional degree concentration that provides General Education as a foundation, coupled with a traditional music background and an emphasis in music production.

Students develop a well-rounded performance and music technology background that is ready for tomorrow’s music industry. Topics studied include music recording, audio editing, mixing and mastering, electronic music composition, music business, entrepreneurship, copyright issues, and musical performance through a variety of modern media. Although students gain skills as music technologists, the goals of this concentration include a comprehensive background in the study of traditional music, including theory, history, conducting, applied lessons and performance.

Lab Fees

There is a $200 per semester credit lab fee required of all students in applied music study (MUSA 390  and MUSA 138 -MUSA 439  sequence).

An additional lab fee is required for all other MUSA, MUSC and MUMT courses from all students.


This checklist is an unofficial tool for planning. Matriculated students and advisors should consult the Academic Requirements Report in GullNet before and after registering for classes each semester to track academic progress.

University Undergraduate Major Policies

  • Refer to the program page for this major and the Courses  section of this catalog for approved prerequisites and General Education courses.
  • Requirements may not equal 120 credit hours. Students must register for additional electives to complete 120 credits required for graduation.
  • All graduates must have a minimum of 30 credits of 300/400-level courses with C grade or above; at least 15 of those credits must be taken at SU.
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for graduation.
  • Students must complete at least 30 credit hours by direct classroom instruction and/or laboratory experience.
  • Students must take 30 of the last 37 credit hours at SU.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to satisfy graduation requirements. Please refer to the program page of this catalog for detailed major requirements.
  • Students must apply online for graduation by November 15 for May and by May 15 for December.

General Education Requirements

Please Note: Check Major Requirements section below for a list of General Education requirements that are fulfilled by the major.

Group I: English Composition and Literature (2 Courses)

A. C or Better in One of the Following

B. Select One Course From:

Literature course (from either ENGL or MDFL Depts.) 4 Hour(s) Credit:

  • Course:

Group II: History (2 Courses)

A. Select One Course From:

B. Select One Course From:

Group III: Humanities and Social Sciences (3 Courses)

A. Select One Course from One of the Following 7 Areas:

B. Select One Course from One of the Following 10 Areas:

C. Select One Course from Either Group IIIA or IIIB (Course must be from a different area than previously selected)

Group IV: Natural Science, Math and Computer Science (4 courses)

A. Select Courses with Laboratories from at Least Two of the Following Four Areas:

BIOL, CHEM, GEOL or Physical GEOG, PHYS 4 Hour(s) Credit:

  • Course:

  • Course:

B. Select One Course (Need Not be a Lab) from One of the Following Areas:

C. Select One Course From:

MATH 3-4 Hour(s) Credit:

  • Course:

Group V: Health Fitness (1 Course)

Major Requirements

General Education Requirements Fulfilled by Major

IIIA (Humanities), IIIB (Social Science), IVA (Lab Science), IVC (Mathematics)

Core Courses

* The required MUSA 205  and MUSA 206  courses may be substituted for/by 2 semesters of Applied Piano (MUSA 390 -006), depending upon placement.

Music Technology Concentration Requirements

Ensembles (7 Semesters)

Appropriate ensemble placement is determined in consultation with academic advisor. Transfer students must be enrolled in ensembles every semester while attending SU.

Complete 4 Semesters

Complete 3 Additional Semesters of the Above Ensembles Or

* Keyboard majors must complete 2 semesters of MUSA 131 - Accompanying .

Applied Study (7 Semesters)


Complete the Following:

* Music technology majors are required to record music performances in a variety of settings, including every semester of Performance Class.

Jury Examinations

Juries are conducted after each semester of applied study to determine if a student can proceed to next level of applied study.

Required Supporting Courses

* May be used toward fulfilling General Education requirements.
** Recommended: MATH 135 . Another MATH that also fulfills General Education may be substituted.

Additional Electives (2 Credits)

Complete additional MUMT, MUSA or MUSC Electives:

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