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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Seidel School of Education

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Dr. Laurie A. Henry, Dean
Conway Hall 354F, 410-543-6335

Dr. Starlin Weaver, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Conway Hall 354E, 410-543-6268

Dr. Vincent Genareo, Assistant Dean for Program Assessment
Conway Hall 281D, 410-677-6705

Sara Elburn, Professional Development Schools Coordinator
Conway Hall 354C2, 410-677-5042

Paul Gasior, Clinical Practice Coordinator
Conway Hall 354C1, 410-543-6277

Patti Vance, Executive Administrative Assistant
Conway Hall 354D, 410-543-6308

Annette Dickerson, Administrative Assistant II, Office of Clinical Experiences
Conway Hall 354, 410-548-2585

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School Information

Programs in the Seidel School of Education date from the University’s beginnings as a school for the professional preparation of teachers. The missions of the school’s departments and centers are derived from the University Mission, which commits the institution to providing students with a foundational integrated curriculum in the humanities, social and natural sciences, and mathematics; and to preparing them to work confidently and effectively in their chosen careers. The primary objectives of the school, therefore, are to provide initial and continuing education that ensures professionally competent teachers and school administrators who will become cooperative, innovative leaders dedicated to community service and excellence. The Seidel School is also committed to collaborating with local school districts and community agencies to serve students, clients and consumers.

The Seidel School of Education was endowed by Samuel and Marilyn Seidel in March 1997. A longtime Salisbury businessman and civic leader, Sam Seidel started his career as a teacher and went on to establish the largest privately owned insurance operation in Maryland. Marilyn Seidel, class of ‘54, worked locally in nursing. The Seidels’ three children are also graduates of Salisbury University. In addition to the school endowment, the Seidels have provided numerous scholarships for SU students.

All of the school’s programs interface with the community in special and unique ways and rely on community institutions, agencies and settings for the field components. The integration of theory and practice takes place in field sites generously provided by the University’s surrounding community.

Requirements to education programs may change due to state mandates and/or accreditation demands. Information about program changes may be verified with the education advisors.

The education faculty is committed to preparing classroom teachers. The programs are designed with the following goals:

  1. Provide for the individualization of instruction of prospective teachers during their professional training.
  2. Encourage the emergence of a personal teaching style on the part of each teacher in training.
  3. Gather evidence that prospective teachers can bring about desired learning in students before they assume full responsibility for a classroom.
  4. Assist prospective teachers in developing as reflective persons who, when confronted with a teaching problem, care fully identify the problem, take steps to accurately and systematically assess the problem, generate alternative solutions to the problem and choose an appropriate resolution on the basis of its desirable implications and consequences.
  5. Help prospective teachers develop self-confidence and competence as effective learners and teachers.
  6. Emphasize the importance of increasing interaction and collaboration among teachers, new and experienced, in resolving educational problems.
  7. Prepare prospective teachers who are responsible agents of educational change.

The Master of Arts in Teaching is cooperative with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The institutions’ cooperative Master of Arts in Teaching was implemented in summer 1996.

Scholarships and awards available in the school include the following:

Marchan R. Ball Award in History and Social Science Education
Dr. Ernest Leighton Bond Classroom Library Award
Clinton Bradway Jr. Scholarship
Thomas and Jeanne P. Bulliet Scholarship
Carey-Simmons Education Scholarship
Caruthers Memorial Fund Scholarship
Audrey Christopher Scholars in Education
Class of 1943 Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Chapter Award
Penelope Jarman Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn Cramer Korn Scholarship
Charles K. Long Scholarship
Anne H. Matthews Memorial Award
David L. and Carol M. Pearl Scholarship
Pearl Family Inspirational Scholarship
E. Pauline Riall Achievement Award
Mary Ann Reinhold-Praley Maryland Teachers Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Scherr Endowment Fund
Hattie M. Strong Scholarship
Toth Scholarship for Math Education
Dr. S. Goldsborough and Catharine A. Tyler Scholarship
Wood-Miller Scholarship
Dick ‘50 & Betty Calcott ‘53 Wooten Scholarship
Worcester County Teachers Association Scholarship

Information about each scholarships can be found on AcademicWorks.


All undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs in the Seidel School of Education are accredited by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) and approved by Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

Honorary and Professional Organizations

Educator’s Rising Collegiate Chapter

Kappa Delta Pi (honor society in education)
Health and Physical Education Majors’ Club (H!PE)

Seidel Holmes Scholar Program

Student National Education Association

Conceptual Framework: Competent, Caring, Committed

As a professional learning community, our charge is to serve our candidates and our local school partners. This mission is grounded in shared professional dispositions and in a tradition of caring that can be traced to the University’s origins as a normal school founded in 1925. There are four interdependent themes in this tradition that provide the foundation for our current practices and future growth:

  • Informed and reflective pedagogy: We believe in teachers and decision-makers. Through careful preparation and a thorough grounding in research and best practices, we support candidates and collaborative partners who are disposed to question and reflect continuously in pursuit of sound educational judgments.
  • Enhanced student learning: We celebrate human diversity and we are passionately committed to the belief that skilled and caring educators enhance learning and achievement when they recognize, appreciate and build upon the individual strengths and differences of every learner.
  • Scholarship: We are committed to academic excellence, ongoing scholarly inquiry and integrity in our own work, in the efforts of our candidates, and by extension, in the primary mission of student learning in local schools.
  • Collaboration: We believe that the integrated mission of preparing teachers, advancing the knowledge base, supporting teachers’ professional development and improving student achievement in P-12 schools can best be accomplished through carefully coordinated partnerships that include all stakeholders in the greater educational community.

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