Sep 29, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

Updates to the Faculty Handbook

Updates to the Faculty Handbook

Last updated September 19, 2023

Chapter 1: General Administration

  • This section is typically redrafted when we revise our Mission and Values Statements as required every five years in association with new MHEC State Plan for Post-Secondary Education.
  • FS Recommendation DEI statement (11/8/22) added on 03/02/23.

Chapter 2: Faculty Appointment, Rank and Tenure

  • Need to build out a section for FT-NTT faculty beyond referencing BOR policy (under consideration with FS).
  • Added FS Recommendation (4/18/23) regarding expectations of DEI in annual evaluations, tenure and promotion and comprehensive reviews.

Chapter 3: Faculty Leave

  • ​Added section on Fulbright and other Competitive leave awards - needs FS for approval.

Chapter 4: Faculty Compensation, Workload, Benefits, Awards and Personnel and Other Policies

  • Note change in language regarding special session compensation - have not followed model in previous Faculty Handbook for several semesters.

Chapter 5: Travel Policies and Regulations

Chapter 6: Teaching and Learning at Salisbury University

  • Once approved by FS, need to expand section on religious observances (with FS Sept 2023)

Chapter 7: Research and Sponsored Projects

Chapter 8: Graduate Education

Chapter 9: Student Advising and Registration

Chapter 10: Adjunct and Consulting Faculty       

  • Still working on this with Adjunct Faculty Caucus - need to reference relevant sections of Chapter 4                                                        

Chapter 11: Curriculum and Curriculum Processes

  • Proposed changes to the digital fluency section; this section really needs work.



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